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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Take a look at these gorgeous pictures featuring a beautiful quilt and pillows made using fabric from Amy Butler's August Field Home Decor Fabric Collection. These pictures are from the Amy Butler Design website and they inspired me so much that I had to share them with all of you.

As you can see, with only a couple of complementary fabric designs and creativity, you can make just the most wonderful room decor items. My favorite piece is the decorative pillow with the 4 indented buttons made using the same fabric. If you want to cover buttons with fabric yourself, visit our Fabric Covered Button Tutorial.

Here are some of the fabric designs from Amy Butler's August Field Collection available on our website:

Amy Butler Graceful Vine Ivory

Amy Butler Fresh Start Tangerine

Amy Butler Graceful Vine Orange

Amy Butler Full Bloom Coral

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Friday, January 23, 2009
If you like carrying your hair up in a ponytail you most likely use rubber bands to do so. These bands are convenient and inexpensive, however, these rubber bands do damage or even break your hair over time. A much better and for sure more stylish option is a fabric hair scrunchie.

In today's tutorial we show you step by step how to sew a fabric hair scrunchie. Hair scrunchies are fun and easy projects so even if you are a sewing novice this will be no problem. They are also great craft projects to work on with your kids.

Materials Needed:

Fabric - we are using a Joel Dewberry fabric design called Lily Espresso in our tutorial
1/4 inch elastic
safety pin
sewing machine

Step 1: Cut a fabric strip and a piece of 1/4 inch elastic band in the desired size. I am making a larger hair scrunchie for my sister as she has a lot of hair. My fabric cut measures 5" X 44" and the elastic was cut 11" long.

Tip: the elastic band should be 1/3 the length of your fabric length so if you have a 15" long fabric strip, your elastic band should measure 5".

Step 2: Fold your fabric lengthwise with the right side of the fabric facing inward. Start sewing along the edge with a 1/2 inch seam allowance but leaving about 2.5" open at both sides as shown on the below picture.

Step 3: Turn the fabric tube inside out.

Step 4: Remember you left a couple of inches open at both ends? Now line up the fabric ends right side together and sew with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. See below picture to see what your project should look like at this time.

Step 5: Now you are ready to feed your elastic through the fabric tube. To do so attach a safety pin to the elastic's end. Gradually scrunch the fabric up, using the safety pin as a handle to pull the elastic.
Step 6: Once you have pulled the elastic through the entire fabric tube, stitch the two ends of the elastic securely.

Step 7: Now you just have to top stitch the opening of the tube with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.
Step 8: Voila, you are done!

When picking your fabric, avoid using silky fabric as it will slide during the sewing process. Also, make sure to pick up multiple fabric designs as you can make several of these delightful hair scrunchie within one afternoon.

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Saturday, January 17, 2009
A Fabric Jelly Roll is a collection of pre-cut fabric strips. Even though the size of the fabric strip my vary, most Jelly Rolls contain fabric strips measuing 2.5 inches X 44 inches. Quilted creations made using an assortment of fabric strips have become more and more popular. Not only are they beautiful but the strip piecing technique makes it possible for you to assemble your design quickly.

A Jelly Roll has many advantages and it is extremely versatile. First of all, it saves a lot of time as your don't have to spend time cutting your fabric. Furthermore, purchasing a Jelly Roll provides you with a dazzling array of fabric designs without you having to purchase each design by the yard.

Beyond the time and money savings aspects, the projects you can use pre-cut fabric strips for are endless. Here is a short list of things you should consider fabric strips for: key chain, placemats, fabric covered buttons, quilted carry-alls, aprons, wall hangings, log cabin pillos, doll quilts, baby quilts and many, many more. I previously used fabric strips to create a wine bottle fabric gift wrap. Use your creativity and you wil see that there are unlimited projects you can use a Jelly Roll for. Everytime I look at these beautiful Amy Butler Jelly Roll pictures, I am inspired to start my next quilted design.

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If you are a vivid crafter, sewer and/or quilter, Fat Quarter Bundles are just a great option no matter what project you are currently working on or for any future projects. If you want to learn more about the advantages of a Fat Quarter, read our "What is a Fat Quarter" article.

A Fat Quarter Bundle allows you to purchase an entire fabric collection without having to purchase one yard of each fabric design. That saves money and you will have less waste in fabric. Fat Quarter Bundles are great stash builders and they are an excellent gift choice for quilters, crafters, sewers and scrap bookers on your shopping list.

One of the leading companies in Fat Quarter Bundles is Moda. They release a wide variety of new Fat Quarter Bundle Collection every season which means that you usually have only a limited time to get your hands on these collections before they sold out. We have only a handful of Moda Fat Quarter Bundles remaining in stock so don't miss our on the opportunity to get them today at a 20% - 33% savings.

Miss Jump's Scrap Bag Fat Quarter Bundle:
This gorgeous collection was designed by Linda Brannock. Miss Jumps Scrapbag Fat Quarter Bundles provides you with 40 Fat Quarters each measuring 18" X 22" for a total of 10 yards! Enough fabric to make a stunning comforter quilt and matching quilted pillows and more. You will receive one Fat Quarter from each fabric design in the collection.

Mother Goose Fat Quarter Bundle:
The Mother Goose Collection was designed by Terry Clothier Thompson and if you are looking to make a family heirloom this collection would be perfect. Colors and designs are classic and timeless. There are a total of 34 designs in this Mother Goose Collection, you will receive one Fat Quarter from each design for a grand total of 8.5 yards in this collection.

Kumo means "Clouds" in Japanese and the Japanese prints in this Moda Fat Quarter Bundle have a wonderful artistic appeal to them. Kumo was designed by one of my personal favorite design studios, Sentimental Studios. This Kumo Fat Quarter Bundle contains a total of 5.25 yards of fabric as there are 21 Fat Quarters, each measuring 18" X 22".

If you are a dog lover you will fall in love with the beautiful prints in the Moda Pampered Pooch Fat Quarter Bundle. I personally used fabric from this collection to create my "How to make a Quilt Block with 5" quilt squares" tutorial. Pampered Pooch was designed by Chloe's Closet and the collection contains 46 fabric designs. So the Fat Quarter Bundle provides you with 11 yards of fabric! Take out your sewing machine and get started!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Are you looking to make a quilt that will be a family heirloom, pass on from generation to generation? Well, I think you may have just found the right fabric collection. It is called American Primer designed by Polly Mimick and Laurie Simpson exclusively for Moda.

For this timeless collection,
Moda provides you with pre-cut fabrics in various sizes that will get you started on your heirloom project. First, you have the American Primer Charm Pack that provides you with 40 fabric squares, each measuring 5 inch by 5 inch. Secondly, available to you is also the American Primer Layer Cake that consists of 40 fabric squares, each measuring 101 inches by 10 inches. Last but not least is the American Primer Fat Quarter Bundle that contains 40 Fat Quarters each measuring 18 inches by 22 inches - that's a total of 10 yards just in one Fat Quarter Bundle.

In each of these pre-cut fabric sets, you will receive one fabric square from each design of the collection. These fabric collections are just wonderful as they provide you with a wide variety of fabric designs, all of them are perfectly coordinated. It is also inspiring to work with an entire fabric collection as there may be fabric combinations that you would have not thought of integrating. Working with pre-cut fabric sets saves you a lot of time as you don't have to spend hours and hours rotary cutting them and they also save you money since you don't have to purchase each design by the yard.

To make it even easier for you, Moda even provides a
free quilt pattern specifically for the American Primer Collection.

If you are thinking of making this beautiful family heirloom, take advantage of all these pre-cut fabric sets while on
SALE. We only have a handful of charm packs, layer cake and fat quarter bundles remaining in stock so don't miss out - once sold out, we are not going to get it back.

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For all the fabric lovers that love the thrill of a great bargain, don't miss out on our Big 2009 New Years SALE that ends on January 18th. You have only 2 more days to take full advantages of all the savings that are available to you right now.

There is a wide variety of designers and fabric designs on SALE including Marimekko, Amy Butler, Westminster Fabrics, Moda, Kaffe Fassett, Marie Kelzer, Free Spirit, Felicity Miller, Carla Miller, Philip Jacobs, Tina Givens, etc. For example, you can save up to 52% on a nice assortment of Marimekko fabric. Or save from 21% - 30% on Moda products such as the American Primer Layer Cake, Moda Bistro Jelly Roll, Bistro Layer Cake and also available are a handful of Moda Pampered Pooch Fat Quarter Bundles, Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls.

Quantities are limited and some items have already sold out so get these great deals while you can and be inspired by all the beautiful fabric designs that are at your fingertips.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
As part of my previous "fabric pin cushion step-by-step tutorial" I used a fabric covered button to add the final touch to the fabric pin cushion. In today's instructions, I show you step by step on how I made the fabric covered button. Not only is it easy but you don't even need any sewing skills :) I promise you it is super super easy so don't be afraid of making your own fabric covered buttons.

Supplies Needed:

Button Cover Kit (I purchased mine at JoAnn's)
Remnant Fabric (I used an Amy Butler fabric design called Kashmir brown)

  • Cut a piece of fabric using the white plastic button maker as a template. The fabric should be about 1/4" larger than the white plastic button maker.
  • Layer the following items: (1) white plastic button maker with the "hole" facing up, (2) fabric with "left" side of the fabric facing up and (3) place the metal button on top.
  • Using your finger, push the metal button into the white plastic button maker. Once pushed in tuck any excess fabric nice and neat.
  • Now put the back of the metal button on top of plastic button maker and make sure that all the fabric is all tucked under the button back.
  • Use the blue plastic pusher tool that comes with the Button Cover Kit to push the back of the button into the white plastic button maker until the shank is connected inside the button.
  • Your last step it to push the finished fabric covered button out of the button maker and your are done! Didn't I promise you that this would be super easy?

These beautiful little buttons are actually really versatile. Don't just use them for the obvious purpose but you can use them for other creative projects such as making a ring and matching earrings, add them to your little girl's hairband, etc. Let your imagination take its course.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009
Making a fabric pin cushion is as easy as ABC which makes them an ideal project for anyone with basic sewing skills. And any sewer should never go without having a pin cushion as they are super useful and a lot of fun.

Follow these step by step instructions to make a beautiful and fun fabric pin cushion for yourself or for a special person in your life.

My fabric of choice today is called Kashmir brown which is an Amy Butler fabric that is absolutely gorgeous.

Cut two fabric circles as featured on this picture in your desired size - here I cut the circles 6" in diameter. TIP: I used a small soup bowl to cute the fabric circles.

Place the fabric circles right side together. Sew around with a 1/4" seam allowance leaving an opening of about 1".

Sew with a zig zag stitch all around the edge leaving an opening of about 1" parallel to the seam you have sewn in the previous step.

Now turn the fabric inside out.

Use poly fiber fill to stuff the pin cushion at the 1" opening. TIP: Do not use 100% cotton batting as the pins will not go through the cotton batting; instead use poly fiber fill.

Once you have stuffed the two fabric layers with poly fiber fill close the opening with a small needle and thread by hand.

I used the same needle and thread to make the "petals" of this gorgeous pin cushion. Start from the middle of the cushion and you can make as many "petals" as you like. Once done sew a button in the middle of the pin cushion. In this case I cover a button with the same Amy Butler fabric to complete the pin cushion.

Now how easy was that? I am sure you have plenty of remnant fabric at home so get started and have fun!

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