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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Coordinating fabric patterns and colors take practice, patience and perseverance so it is really nice to work with designer collections such as Joel Dewberry Fabric Collections that provide you with a beautiful assortment of designs and color themes. Each Joel Dewberry fabric design was created to complement each other perfectly by one of the most talented and young fabric designer, making it effortless and fun for us to choose fabrics for our next project.

Another advantage of using Joel Dewberry fabric or fabric from any one collection or designer is that all fabrics have the same method of care. Joel Dewberry's fabric is 100% cotton which can withstand high temperatures and easily laundered.

I grouped various Joel Dewberry fabric designs from his Aviary Fabric Collection, Chestnut Fabric Hill Collection and his Manzanita Fabric Collection to provide you an overview of how great a floral pattern can be mixed and match with geometric, abstract and stripe pattern especially if each design has complementary color themes.

1. Joel Dewberry Rose Damask Pink Fabric
2. Joel Dewberry Sparrows Pink Fabric
3. Joel Dewberry Lily Pear Fabric
4. Joel Dewberry Rose Green Fabric

1. Joel Dewberry Buttercup Eggplant Fabric
2. Joel Dewberry Chestnut Branches Eggplant Fabric
3. Joel Dewberry Modern Petal Eggplant Fabric
4. Joel Dewberry Narrow Stripe Eggplant Fabric

1. Joel Dewberry Damask Salmon Fabric
2. Joel Dewberry Tickling Stripe Salmon Fabric
3. Joel Dewberry Lily Salmon Fabric
4. Joel Dewberry Basket Salmon Fabric

1. Joel Dewberry Lily Black Fabric
2. Joel Dewberry Lily Red Fabric
3. Joel Dewberry Tickling Stripe Red Fabric
4. Joel Dewberry Basket Red Fabric

1. Joel Dewberry Rose Damask Orange Fabric
2. Joel Dewberry Sparrows Almond Fabric
3. Joel Dewberry Rose Orange Fabric
4. Joel Dewberry Sparrows Light Yellow Fabric

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
To celebrate the upcoming fresh and exciting Spring season, Imagine Fabric has put all Joel Dewberry fabric on SALE so don't miss out on saving up to 25% off the most perfect spring fabrics on the market.

Joel Dewberry has provided some gorgeous and inspiring "Fresh Ideas" on his website and here are my favorite picks:

This beautiful quilt was made using fabric from Joel Dewberry's Chestnut Hill Collection. Joel describes his Chestnut Hill Collection as "A Taste of Tuscany" as it permeates the rich flavor and beauty found in the Tuscan countryside. The backing of the adorable quilt features Joel Dewberry Blackeyed Susan Stripe fabric design that is just perfect in tying together all colors of this quilt.

Another gorgeous design from the Chestnut Hill Collection is Ironwork that was used to reupholster this mod chair. For tips on doing this at home see our How to Reupholster a Chair blog entry.

What better way to update the look of your home with some cool and funky pillow like the ones featured here above. My personal favorite is the big round one on the left that also features several fabric designs from Chestnut Hill Collection including Joel Dewberry Chestnut Branches and Joel Dewberry Narrow Stripe both in the eggplant color mix. and

For these gorgeous placemats, Joel used fabrics from his most successful Aviary Fabric Collection. One of our customers favorite is the Joel Dewberry Sparrows in light yellow which is even prettier when mixing it with its perfect fabric match Rose in Orange as you can see.

From all these "Fresh Ideas", this quilt is my absolute favorite. You can have the Spring season year round if you have this quilt in your bedroom. The pillow in the background features Joel Dewberry Sparrows pink. The backing was done using Joel Dewberry Rose Damask pink which is just delightful and absolutely perfect in tying all colors of this quilt together.

The front of the quilt features various fabric designs from Joel Dewberry's Aviary Collection including:

Joel Dewberry Sparrows Green
Joel Dewberry Rose Damask Magenta
Joel Dewberry Rose Green

You just have to love the way Joel Dewberry transports the elegant design of nature to the luxurious medium of fabric. What better way to celebrate Spring than using his gorgeous fabric designs for your next project?

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After reading Kaffe Fassett's Biography I was just so amazed by the talent that this man possess and the work he has displayed worldwide that I had to share some of the beautiful items I found on his website with you. Did you know that his one-of-a-kind art has been collected by Barbara Streisand or Shirley Maclaine?

The most fantastic thing is no matter what he is working on, may it be patchwork, mosaic, needlepoint, knitting or painting, his extraordinary skills of experimenting with new color palettes is extremely inspiring and contagious. I feel very drawn to any Kaffe Fassett fabric that have great compositions of bright colors including beautiful colors such as canary yellow or vivid magenta red. From now on, I will think of Kaffe Fassett as the Master of Colors.

One of Kaffe Fassett's Studio Space

Big Diamond

Guilded Frames

Here are a few examples of the exciting books that Kaffe Fassett has released:

Passionate Patchwork featuring over 20 brilliant and original quilt designs

Kaffe Fassett's "A Caravan of Quilts"

Kaffe Fassett's Kaleidoscope of Quilts

Go to the Kaffe Fassett's website to view many more of his art and to read his biography. I promised you that you will be inspired and ready to work on your next colorful and exquisite project.

If you are thinking of getting some Kaffe Fassett fabric, I would suggest you get the following designs as soon as possible as those fabric prints have been discontinued now and once sold out, we will not be able to get them anymore for you:

Kaffe Fassett Lotus Leaf Antique
Kaffe Fassett Lake Blossom Red
Kaffe Fassett Minton Blue
Kaffe Fassett Paper Fans Red
Kaffe Fassett Potentilla Red
Kaffe Fassett Targets
Kaffe Fassett Verbena Sage

That is just to name a few of the ones that will not be available soon so don't miss out on obtaining some fabric from the Master of Colors - Kaffe Fassett.

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Monday, March 16, 2009
Are you looking for ideas to make your next quilt? Why not use one of Moda's FREE QUILT PATTERN to do so? They are free, they are absolutely adorable and super creative and the instructions are easy to follow. What more can one ask for? Here are two of my favorite quilt patterns:

Moda CHARISMA Free Quilt Pattern

If you are looking for fabric from the Moda Charisma Collection by Chez Moi, we still have the Moda Charisma Fat Quarter Bundle available that includes 40 Fat Quarters for a total of 10 yards of fabric in one Fat Quarter Bundle!

Moda URBAN COUTURE Free Quilt Pattern

To get started ASAP on this beautiful quilt, use the Moda Urban Couture Jelly Roll by Basic Grey and the Moda Urban Couture Layer Cake. The fabric is perfectly cut by Moda so you don't have to.

View all Moda Free Quilt Pattern for inspiration.

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