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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Dominated by a mother-daughter design team, ModDiva is a very popular online store that carry wide array of handcrafted products made from superb designer fabrics. Producing top quality products that are all boosting with outstanding durability and trendy designs, they are currently ranked TOP 20 in bags and purse category of Etsy. ModDiva is indeed a girl’s best friend when it comes to accessories that are useful, beautiful and affordable.
One proud collection of ModDiva is the Etsuko Furuya Fabric made products. This Asian Artisan has been well loved by many textile lovers all over the world due to its whimsical animated designs that are truly unique and stylish. Below you can see some examples of Etsuko Furuya Fabric made products.

Coming in with a stunning deep purple and royal light blue combination, this designer purse will make feel you beautiful all day night long. Use this clutch made from Echino flower bed purple fabric to keep your cell phones, lip gloss, pocket mirror, press powder and credit cards always within your reach. Be stunning, bold, brave and beautiful with this Etsuko Furuya made clutch bag.

This designer pillow gives a unique style and approach towards pillow covers. Made from Etsuko Furuya’s Story Patchwork fabric, have a taste of everything in one piece of home accessory. All colours and patterns are present on this pillow giving a wonderful collage-look under a low price.

Protect your expensive gadget from scratches and bumps in the most fashionable way, use this protective sleeve. Made from Echino bird song fabric that features classical yet vibrant combination of neutral colors and fanciful patterns, this iPad sleeve will not only make your gadget happy but your fashion attitude as well.

Magical, sensible and dearly stunning. These are the best words to describe this wonderful wristlet made from echino deer forest purple fabric. Featuring a beautiful deep violet background with ocean blue and neon pink accents, keep your cards, cell phones, lip gloss and IDs always handy in the most unique and chic way. If you want to be daring and a bit glitzy, attract the crowd using this Etsuko Furuya fabric made clutch bag.

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Monday, April 25, 2011
Inspired with freedom, authentic life-like patterns and tangible designs, the Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection is indeed a refreshing assortment for all fabric enthusiasts. It features different patterns ranging from birds, twigs, branches, wood bark, damask, rounds, vintage, and floral all formed using different palette of colours just to bring a one of a kind experience that is not too flamboyant yet boosting with exceptional attitude and character.

Damask Plum                                         Sparrows Lilac                                                  Scrollwork Lilac

Sparrows Vintage Yellow                           Damask Saffron                                         Sparrows Cavern

Damask Dill                                                     Sparrows Aqua                                 Scrollwork Caramel

If you are jaded from the usual boring patterns and design but you don’t want to go over bored making things too much glitzy, this Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection is what you’re looking for. If you want to be bedazzled by those lively hues and rich colours coupled with sensible designs, no doubt that this Joel Dewberry Fabric Collection will truly drool your eyes. Use this designer fabric to create bags, sleeves, home decors, garments and other fabric products and spread the beauty of textile made possible by the great designer Joel Dewberry.

The other thing that is also worth noticeable with this new Joel Dewberry Fabric collection is the play of colours and designs. Different hues and tones are combined all together which creates a one of a kind appeal that is only exclusive to Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection. You will see bold colours combined with traditional patterns making a new form of textile that is stunning yet traditional. Combination of neutral and loud colours can also be seen on this fabric assortment that makes each fabric not too showy but a clear cut above the rest maintaining its soft vibrant hues. Classical patterns like damask fabric and floral fabric are also given a new look entailing a brave and energetic choice of colours and texture which gives it an exceptional play of drama amidst classicality.

Known for making eclectic and very cohesive designs, Joel Dewberry manage to further augment his reputation making designer fabrics more playful while retaining its simple beauty and design. The colours used on this newest Joel Dewberry Fabric collection entails everything from flowy hues, contrasting shades, dramatic combinations and warm tones. On the other hand the signature pattern of Joel Dewberry is indeed very much visible on this assortment, realistic and substantial designs still rule the collection. The Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 Fabric Collection is also flexible as you can choose from classic damask fabric, floral fabric, fabrics with bird design, nature inspired and many more all crafted considering different personas meant to suffice your distinctive needs and wants.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Scrap fabric remains the most unrivalled way to enjoy the magnificent beauty of designer fabric minus the heavy cost.  The use of scrap fabric entails not just great affordability on your side but different advantages as well, like the chance of getting various types and kinds of designer fabric, diversity of designs present in one bag and wonderful raw materials you can use to create fashionable items.

The Echino Scrap Bag  - this scrap bag consists of only fabrics by
Japanese Fabric Designer Etsuko Furuya.

The Heather Bailey Fabric Scrap Bag - this scrap bag could containt Heather Bailey fabrics from both her Bijoux and her Pop Garden Fabric Collection. 

The Amy Butler Fabric Scrap Bag - this Amy Butler designer fabric scrap bag could have fabric designs from Amy Butler's Belle, Lotus, Midwest Modern and Midwest Modern 2 Fabric Collection.

 Read on and discover the wide variety of fashionable, chic and stunning items you can create out of leftover designer fabric:

1. Fabric and statement buttons – you can use the amazing patterns of scrap fabric to create fabric buttons that you can use to modishly accessorize your garments. You can also use scrap fabric to highlight statement buttons and make them more striking.Designer Fabric Scrap bag - this scrap bag could contain fabrics from any of the fabric designers that Imagine Fabric carries including but not exclusive to Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey, Valori Wells, Marimekko, Free Spirit, etc.

2. Doll clothes – to make your little girl happy, why don’t you create customized doll clothes using scrap fabric. Not only you made your daughter very happy but you also crafted high quality doll clothes made from luxurious designer fabrics meant to showcase the wonderful beauty of textiles.

3. Fabric thumb tacks – the easiest way to light up and give wonderful array of colours into your home or office cork board is to create fabric thumb tacks using affordable yet beautiful scrap fabric. These fabric thumb tacks will not only hold memos, notes and letters but it will also show a distinctive character bursting with wonderful colours and designs.

4. Fabric necklace and bracelets – match your outfit using inexpensive accessories made from designer fabric. Utilize scrap fabric to create different accessories like necklace and bracelets that you can use to accentuate the current theme of your outfit. You can create large bold fabric necklace to match dress and miniskirts, thick braided bracelets to give attitude and colour to plain looking shirts and more wonderful creations all with the help of remnant fabric.

5. Scrapbook and fabric cards – why buy expensive cards and scrapbooks when you can make it on your own using affordable scrap fabric? Now you can create personalized and more attractive fabric cards that you can use to meet and greet everyone as well as fabric-adorn scrapbook to write journals and inscribe all your hidden emotions and feelings.

 Joel Dewberry Fabric Scrap Bag - this scrap bag contains only fabrics from the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Fabric Collection.
  Marimekko Fabric Scrap Bag - who can pass up this chance to get a variety of Marimekko fabrics for an affordable price? Considering that some of the Marimekko designs are $52.00 per yard, you know you get a great value with this Marimekko Fabric Scrap Bag.

The beauty of textile doesn’t need to be expensive just to enjoy one; there are many affordable yet creative ways to savour the rich colours and designs of designer fabric minus the heavy cost such as the use of scrap fabric. Remember that they are designer fabrics made with using high quality materials and one-of-a-kind luxurious designs so expect your article to be the same by simply using them.

2 lbs. of Designer Fabric Remmant Bundle: this is Imagine Fabric's bestselling item at this time.  There is a good reason for that.  You can get a 2 lbs. bundle of designer fabrics for only $15.00.  Obtaining designer fabrics at a fraction of the regular cost is lots of fun; imagine how many creative projects you can use these fabrics for.  Let your imagination takes its course!

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Born on August 29 and currently residing in Northwoods Minnesota, Etsy seller AnnyAndMe features a wide variety of textile products ranging from clothing, furniture slipcovers, home draperies and highly fashionable yet super functional accessory garments such as purses and bags. Her handmade items most especially bags and purses all boost with so much attitude that each and every design entails real drama and superb sense of style while maintaining it’s sought after practicality.

Here are my two personal favorite AnnyAndMe handbags:

Delila Bag Echino Woods – this wonderful large bag is made from Etsuko Furuya fabric called Deer forest grey fabric that’s why the material itself is oozing with rich personality and stunning appearance. This Echino fabric created bag features subtle colours of grey with complimentary patterns of black, white and brown that creates an illusion of delicate yet theatrical sense of style. Seller AnnyAndMe makes sure that by purchasing this amazing designer fabric created bag, you’ll bring home beauty and quality all at the same time.

Delila Bag Wildflowers – with strong eccentric colors of magenta and deep plum, this designer fabric created bag will surely compliment a brave and flamboyant attitude. Made from Joel Dewberry fabric featuring Wildflowers mulberry fabric design, expect an uber fashionable bag that is durable yet affordable. Home decor fabrics like this can be converted into something gorgeous yet useful all with the help of Etsy seller AnnyAndMe.

One thing that makes Etsy seller AnnyAndMe far different from the others is the fact that all her products are exclusively made so expect utmost uniqueness and exceptional style in every bag. This seller demonstrates not only a creative mind and skilful hands but utmost respect over passion and high sense of style as well that makes her a well-loved online seller all the time.

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