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Thursday, July 28, 2011
Jenean Morrison is a wonderful fabric designer for Free Spirit / Westminster.  Her California Dreamin' Fabric Collection shows up her style for the eclectic modern.  Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin' Fabric collection consists of playful stripes, floral abstractions and intricate medallions make up this fresh collection of vibrant prints inspired by the golden sunshine, blue waters and the varied, colorful landscapes of California.

Here are some of the gorgeous modern and eclectic fabric prints of Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin' collection:

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Robert Kaufman represents many talented fabric designers.  This Robert Kaufman Whimsical Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle shows off the talent of some great fabric designers.  There are a total of 13 fat quarters in this fat quarter bundle; what a wonderful way to sample a variety of Robert Kaufman fabrics at an affordable price.

Each fat quarter in this whimsical fat quarter bundle measures approximately 18" x 22".  You get 13 fun fabric designs in one bundle. 

There are multiple fabric designs from Amy Schimler's On A Whim fabric collection and Laurie Wisburn's Tufted Tweets fabric collection.  Other collections included are Play Day and Flower Child.

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Tired and bored from the usual designer fabric that feature flowers, vines, birds, landscape scenes, organic designs and all others? Do you want a unique fabric that illustrates unique and exceptional design? Look no more as this latest designer fabric crafted by none other than the infamous Alexander Henry called “Apple & Pears Fabric” is indeed filled with one of a kind beauty that is luscious and impeccably mouthwatering.

This amazing fabric is part of the In Kitchen Collection featuring two of the most popular and ever anticipated fruits in the whole world, apples and pears. If you want to experience the soft texture of pears and the sweet taste of apples, no doubt that the apples & pears fabric will truly suffice each and every one of your needs.

Due to the amazing beauty and extraordinary design of the apples & pears fabric by Alexander Henry, different textile enthusiasts all across the world started to maximize the full potentials of this designer fabric to create stunning works of arts that are both striking and functional. From small coin purse to charming headbands, the delightful charisma of the apple & pears fabric is undeniably well admired. See them below and pick your own choice but if you are creative enough, you can create your own!

Pastel Fruit Small Coin Purse – this small and cute coin purse is being offered by Etsy Seller lynliao3. Crafted using the apple & pears fabric of Alexander Henry enjoy pastel colors of blue, yellow, pink and green while benefiting from its fully functional purse features. You can use it to store earrings, small accessories, coins, keys, and all others.

Apple and Pear Peasant Dressadellaperez is the Etsy seller that offers this wonderful designer fabric created dress. Since it uses the latest Alexander Henry fabric, enjoy the warm colors of light blue with pear and apple details making it whimsical yet stylish. Featuring a peasant style neckline, your little girl will surely love wearing this fashionable dress.

Reusable Large Sandwich Bag – be green and save Mother Nature using this simple yet innovative reusable designer fabric made sandwich bag offered by seller LilBoppers. For security purposes, this apple & pears sandwich bag is made with generous strip of Velcro to keep your food safe and clean all the time. With its no exposed seams, cleaning is also easy and convenient.

Apples and Pears Backpack – this stunning and very charming toddler backpack made using the Alexander Henry apple & pears fabric is offered by the famous Etsy seller teachermom. Aside from its amazing fabric colors and design, this backpack is also fully functional and your kids will surely enjoy using its generous pockets as well as its padded shoulder straps. Make your kids happy and organized while keeping them highly in style!

Checkbook Cover – made and offered by seller faithonearth, enjoy mouthwatering colors of rich chocolate brown, delicious red, butter yellow and olive green details with this apple & pears fabric created checkbook cover. Aside from its main function of being a checkbook cover, you can also use this sweet beauty as a wallet or coupon holder. House your finances in the most fashionable and cute way with this Alexander Henry designer fabric made checkbook cover.

Minky Baby to Toddler BlanketIcingOnTheCupcake is the seller responsible for this beautiful and functional toddler blanket. Made from the blue version of Alexander Henry’s Apple & Pears fabric, keep your little ones warm in a stylish and trendy way. Use this blanket on strollers, in the car, baby crib and all others as it keeps your cute little ones very comfortable using a vibrant and lively apple & pears blanket.

Apples & Pears Headband – seller Arfeiniel utilizes the bright colors and sweet graphic designs of this Alexander Henry fabric to create a very simple headband filled with charming personality sure to delight the animated desires of your girls. This headband is also equipped with an elastic band at the back for those who don’t want to tie the end of the fabric. Enjoy the luscious colors of the Apple & Pears fabric in a simple yet adoring way.

Get out from the usual flowers and organic designs of most textile fabrics, bear in mind that being unique also means being building your own character. Explore other creations such as the apple & pears fabric made by Alexander Henry and experience a luscious textile filled with vibrant colors, amazing contrast and delectable details.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011
This Joel Dewberry Fabric fat quarter bundle was just added to the website today.  All of the fabric designs in this fun fat quarter bundle is from the Joel Dewberry Deer Valley Fabric Collection.  Even though the collection was introduced last year, it is still as popular as ever.  Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley is a peaceful and beautiful collection of rustic prints inspired by mountain meadows and the occassional passing deer. 

All of the Deer Valley fabrics are light weight cotton fabric; great for your quilting needs as well as home decor projects.  Fabric is 100% cotton and has a standard width of 44 / 45 inches.  

Purchasing fat quarter bundles gives you an opportunity to get your hands on numerous designs from one collection without having to spend a lot of money.  Designer fabrics made affordable!

Read our article "What is a Fat Quarter?" to learn more details on what a Fat Quarter is.

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Different from the usual details and graphic designs of most fabrics, the newest textile crafted by Alexander Henry is indeed stunning on its own. Called the “Spotted Owl Fabric” and included on his “In The Kitchen Collection”, you will never find such an amazing beauty with classical details yet whimsical enough for it to be considered modern. This designer fabric didn’t use any loud and flamboyant colors just to show off neither audacious designs nor graphics to catch attention, with this spotted owl fabric everything is kept simple and modest. However, even if this designer fabric uses minimal color playoffs and glitzy designs, it is still filled with utmost beauty and supreme attitude.

The spotted owl fabric features a neutral grey color as its main background while different forms of owl are scattered all across the textile to give it a humble shine that is laid back yet pleasing to the eye. This Alexander Henry Fabric, even though lacking with playful colors, is truly animated and captivating. The overall color and design is also non-sexist meaning both men and women can enjoy its amazing beauty. If you are looking for beautiful and fully functional spotted owl fabric products, make things easy on your side as presented below are some example items crafted using this one of a kind designer fabric available at Etsy store. You can either buy them or purchase your own spotted owl fabric and use them as your inspiration to create functional items filled with enthralling beauty and distinct personality.

Kindle 3/Nook eReader Sleeve Cover – protect your gadget in the most fashionable and stylish way with this spotted owl fabric created sleeve cover. Offered by seller echoshop, use this amazing textile product to guard your gadget against dust, scratches, dings, dents and even accidental damages. The sleeve is lined with quilted and padded unbleached cotton to make it more durable while keeping its high protective attributes. Keep your kindle and nook readers always safe with this upbeat and very cool designer fabric sleeve cover.

Spotted Owl Bib in Smoke – offered by Etsy seller babyandmeaccessories, this unique and truly attractive spotted owl created bib will keep your babies clean all the time. Since it features a grey background with owl designs which is the main character of this Alexander Henry Fabric, both boys and girls can take advantage over this beauty. While still young, make sure that your baby uses stylish and cool products to make them fashionable even at very young age. Enjoy this spotted owl bib in smoke at a price you will truly cherish.

iPhone/DS/PDP Case – dress your valuable gadget while keeping them free from scratches, dust, dents and other forms of damages using this trendy spotted owl fabric case offered by seller rupertandkrista. This beautiful pouch is lined with black and white polka dot fabric on the inside ensuring the best possible care it can bring to your gadget. Since it uses the spotted owl fabric, both men and women can use this designer fabric-made case. Buy this to use on your own, as a gift to others, or just an addendum to your growing fabric-made item collection. 

Owl Gathering Hobo – offered by Etsy seller named cindymars7, be a girl filled with utmost classicality in a modern and impeccably stylish way with this Alexander Henry Fabric made Hobo bag. You can use this bag when going out and make things simple yet stunning, when going to school and be the envy of everyone, and all others as long as you want to be very modest without being a fashion victim. Aside from its amazing beauty, this bag is also highly durable coming in with retractable straps.

The spotted owl fabric of Alexander Henry is indeed filled with incomparable beauty that is classic yet modern, neutral yet striking and cool while being hot. Experience magnificent beauty on its most simple way with this designer fabric, be a chic and trendy woman without those loud colors. The spotted owl fabric is also suitable for men’s use making it a universal beauty on its own.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011
This new Amy Butler Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle features 16 beautiful Amy Butler fabric designs, all from her Midwest Modern and Midwest Modern 2 Fabric Collection.  After this Amy Butler fat quarter bundles sells out, I will not be able to cut more fat quarter bundles using fabric from this Amy Butler fabric collection since most designs are now sold out.

If you ever wonder what a fat quarter is, make sure to read my "What is a Fat Quarter?" article. 

16 Amy Butler Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle Midwest Modern Collection

Purchasing Fat Quarters in a set or bundle will provide you with a wide variety of designs similar in theme, style or colors and many times they include designs you may have not thought of putting together which can be inspiring.  Furthermore, Fat Quarter Sets and Fat Quarter Bundles save time and money.  You don’t have to spend time cutting your own Fat Quarters and you don’t have to spend money on purchasing all your desired designs by the yard. 

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Saturday, July 23, 2011
Heather Bailey fabrics are fun and vibrant and absolutely perfect for any projects you may have in mind.  Per popular demand from my loyal customers, I have taken the time to cut new fat quarter bundles and jelly rolls mixing Heather Bailey fabrics from the Bijoux and Pop Garden Collection.  The Heather Bailey fabric designs in both of these collections are modern yet romantic. 

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This most popular Alexander Henry Fabric is back in stock. Sofia Black & White (off-white) is a high quality home decor fabric that is classic yet modern at the same time. No matter what creative project you have in mind, this designer home decor fabric by Alexander Henry will be absolutely perfect.


Here are some beautiful products created by ModDiva using this gorgeous Alexander Henry Fabric.

This designer fabric has sold out multiple times already and I am glad it is back in stock.  Get your hands on it before it is sold out again.  Have fun!

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Monday, July 4, 2011
If you are having a hard time keeping those small things like keys, cards, makeup kits, earrings, bracelets, cell phones and others organized in one place, now is the right time for you to buy pencil pouches. If you are wondering why buy pencilpouches instead of bag organizers see these practical reasons below.

  • -          Pencil pouches come on various patterns and styles like those made from designer fabrics.
  • -          Designer pencil pouches are easy to clean and can be hand washed should it become dirty.
  • -          Compared to plastic organizers, you can fashionably carry them while walking on the streets.
  • -          They are small, affordable, easy to use, can fit in to large bags, chic and stylish.
  • -          You and your kids can both enjoy their beauty.

To better give you an idea how practical and beautiful pencil pouches are, see these designer fabric pencil pouches listed below and be amazed by their stunning design, vibrant colors, durability and inexpensiveness not to mention utmost functionality.

1.    Echino Bonbon Natural – made from the world renowned EchinoJapanese fabric, have a taste of classicality in the most modern way. The overall design of this pencil pouch may seem very minimalist due to its archetypal patterns but the vibrant colour combination uplifts its character making it modern and contemporary. Shades of pink, green, white and violet can be seen on this pouch making your day girly and enthusiastic.

2.     Flower Child Brown Pencil Pouch – if you want a colourful pouch laid in a neutral background, look no more as this designer fabric made pencil pouch will fortify your senses. Behind its rich chocolate brown background are beautiful floral patterns with stunning colours that creates a deep contrast making it jovial, highly amazing and simply irresistible. The colours and style of this pencil pouch reflects a modern taste while maintaining a cool look in the eye.

3.    Echino Bonbon Black Pencil Pouch – made from the famous Etsuko Furuya Fabric called Bonbon black fabric, put your personal belongings safe and secured in the most fashionable way. Classical floral patterns with minute details on it make this bag versatile for all ages. The black background further made this pencil pouch more glamorous and eye-catching. Moms can use it as well as with kids so don’t just buy one but buy two for your daughter!

4.   Honeycomb Brown Pencil Pouch – if you like simple designs that is a bit upscale but not too flamboyant, consider this pencil pouch made from Honeycomb Brownfabric. Using the Amy Butler Fabric as its main material, expect a very intriguing design while maintaining its unfussy tranquil effects. Geometric patterns are lined up in a simple white background to generate an effect of simplicity combining modernicity.

5.    Wave Stripe Azure Pencil Pouch – do you want something for the boys; have this Joel Dewberry fabric created pencil pouch. The Wave Stripe Azure designer fabric was used on this pouch that gives it a very fashionable feel that is non sexist meaning all genders can use it. This pouch bears a textured appeal that is modern, simple and trendy with a glimpse of classicality. Enjoy mouth-watering shades of ocean blue, coral red, sandy grey and simple white with this affordable pencil pouch.

Note that all pencil pouches featured above are individually handmade/handcrafted so expect lifelong durability. They are also made in the USA with stunning affordability so that people from all walks of life can enjoy its practical beauty. All pouches are lined and padded inside for extra protection.

Pencil pouches are versatile products that you can use not just to literally keep pencils and pens but to keepsafe all your personal belongings as well. Enjoy their multipurpose beauty while keeping your things organized in every way!

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