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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
Do you love colors? How about glitzy purses made from high quality designer fabrics? If you want a stunning piece of art that is functional as well as affordable, you will surely enjoy the wide variety of purses offered by Etsy seller Octopurse.
Octopurse is a native seller from Liege Belgium that has been part of Etsy community since February of 2009. She offer various purses from little pouches to big ones all made using high quality designer fabric and features eye-catching color combination, enthusiastic designs and vibrant patterns.
Ready to see Octopurse’s amazing purse collections that will surely entice your luscious iconic cravings? See some of her astonishing products listed below:

Travel Pouch Etsuko Helicopters in Flushia – made from Echino fabric, this travel pouch features the helicopter orange fabric bedazzled with stripe patterns, dots design and animated plane imprints. Use it to hold your daily essentials such as cards, keys, money, lipstick and all others in a fun as well as exciting way.

Home pouch Business in Purple – at first look, this Etsuko Furuya fabric made pouch will catch your flamboyant eyes with its buses purple fabric that yields a true loud yet timeless design. Complementing its happy purple fabric is a red-dotted pink and red design that makes it classical yet colorfully modern. Use it to hold your personal belongings while showing what modern art is!

Handbag Etsuko Birds on Branch – for those who loves nature-inspired themes but want it more colorful and hip, this handbag crafted using the bird stripe turquoise fabric is more than enough to fancy your desires. The overall design of this Japanese fabric made handbag features a relaxing lime green vines with pink birds and turquoise colored sidings that makes it organic with a touch of young trendy appeal.

Big Black Bobble Flower Dots on Black – combining the beauty of black with feminine colors, this designer fabric made purse features a very elegant design meant to make your evenings girly and vibrant. Since bonbon black fabric was used on this pouch, savor its glitzy beauty without those neon and very audacious colors. The appeal of this purse bag is quite simple yet totally rocks!

Bag Pouch Echino Red Bird on Green Sprouts – indeed this bag deploys not just a relaxing beauty but an unrefined mood as well.  Flower bed lime fabric was used on this bag and it dictates a buttery yellow background further accentuated with red birds, green sprouts and white little flower details that makes it a true classical piece art that shows utmost and luminous beauty. Made from Etsuko Furuya fabric, this pouch is a great accessory for both day and night time use.

True that Etsy Seller Octopurse combines both beauty and functionality not to mention that she uses the convincing power of colors to make things extraordinary and brilliant. Her collection of various purses made from designer fabrics speaks not just premier quality, stunning beauty, luscious designs, and functional usage but moreover priced affordably good so everyone can enjoy it best.

If you like any of Octopurse's designs, make sure to check out her store.  And even better, all of Imagine Fabric Blog followers can get 10% off until October 25th.  Please use coupon code IMAGINEOCTOPURSE during checkout to receive this exclusive discount offer made available only to you!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011
Got a bare wall at home that needs to be dressed up so it can look magically enthralling? How about creating a focal point into your house that is sure to be a conversational space all the time? Do you want an affordable piece of art to make your room more fashionable and stylish? Look no more as this wall hanging made from Sofia black and white designer fabric will surely spark up boring and lifeless walls without burning holes in your pockets.

Made from high quality Sofia Black and White designer fabric, this wall hanging décor is sure to be a hit on your living room, hallway, patio, den, bedroom or any other parts of your house that needs immediate glow and striking attention. Looking at it you will see two basic colors of black and white that creates a dramatic impression and glitzy appearance. Added to this is its wonderful floral pattern that is bold, audacious and magnificently mesmerizing in all angles.

The beauty of its black and white theme is truly incomparable; it doesn’t hold too much color but yields a theatrical appeal perfect to compliment solid colored sofas, curtains, shabby chic home decors, plain walls and modern spaces. You can also use this designer fabric made wall hanging décor to add texture and pattern into bare walls as well as spaces. The end result is a glamorous piece of art that looks like a million bucks meant to make your home trendier and highly elegant.

To prevent this wonderful piece of art from being damaged, the canvas was treated with Scotchgard to protect it against dust, stains and dirt letting you enjoy its captivating beauty year after year. Using the deep gallery stretching technique, a wooden frame is positioned at the back of the canvass with hook attached firmly so placing it on your wall comes easy as well as convenient.

If you need a delightful piece of art that is not too flamboyant yet strong enough to catch attention and show outstanding interest, the Sofia black and white wall hanging décor is what you need. Enjoy neutral colors with daring patterns, they might not show various array of colors yet this piece is dominant enough to prove its splendid beauty.

If you feel like being crafty, purchase the Sofia fabric and get your staple gun ready.  Otherwise, you can purchase this stunning fabric stretched wall hanging at ModDiva

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Thursday, September 1, 2011
Want to learn how to sew a beautiful quilted pillow like this?  All it takes is some fabric strips and about one hour of your time. 

I took 10 fabric strips from the Dena Design Taza Fabric Jelly Roll.  This Jelly Roll provides you with 1 fabric strip from each design in the Taza Collection. 

Each fabric strip in the jelly roll is 2.5 inches wide.  Take 2 strips and cut a 2.5 inch piece of each strip.  You should end up with 2 fabric squares, each measuring 2.5" x 2.5".

 Sew the two fabric squares together and top-stitch the seam (you don't have to top-stitch but I like the top-stitch look a lot).

Place the 2 sewn together squares on another fabric strip as shown here.  Sew them together, up to where the 2 squares end and then cut the remaining fabric of the 3rd fabric strip off....

...end result should look this this. 

Continue the previous steps and your quilt square should look like the following pictures...

You just continue to add one fabric strip after another to your square.  I am making a pillow cover for a 18 inch insert so I need a square measuring 18.5" x 18.5".  My finished square looks like this:

If your pillow insert is smaller, just cut the quilt square into the size you need.  I always cut it 0.5 inch larger than the size of the pillow insert.  Once done with sewing and serging the cover, you should end up with a pillow cover measuring 17.5" x 17.5".  Your cover should always be smaller than the insert so the pillow looks nice and plumb once you put in the insert. 

I cut another 18.5" x 18.5" piece for the other side of the pillow cover. 

I put an invisible zipper for this pillow cover but you can do an envelope closure if you are not a fan of sewing in a zipper :)

Taking only a few fabric strips and about an hour of your time, you should end up with a gorgeous quilted pillow like this:

Using jelly rolls / pre-cut fabric strips is a great way to save time and money.  You don't have to spend time on cutting the fabric (least favorite activity for most people) and you get a large variety of fabric designs without spending a fortune.

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